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Learning from My Cousin Vinny: Part 3

You Get What You Pay For

My Cousin Vinny is an open love letter to trial procedure and the deep south. In this three-part series, we share some of our favorite takeaways from this 90’s classic along with our own sage advice from all our years of trial experience. 

Hollywood loves to sell us an underdog story. One that shows that with perseverance and tenacity, anyone can overcome the impossible. Vinny’s story is that of a modern-day hero (in the realm of law) who arrives with the wrong armor (leather jacket & jeans) and no weapons (no criminal or trial experience), but over the course of his journey, he adapts and collects the right tools for his arsenal (procedure, interviews, pictures, culture, etc…) to eventually triumph in the end (winning the case!).

In the real world, choosing someone so unprepared can be incredibly detrimental to your case and your future.  How can you prevent making such a mistake? Good question. Below are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the right person to represent you and your case.

There are predatory attorneys out there who reach out to you about your accident without you opting in to their communications. These attorneys are not always the best choice. Too many times these kinds of law offices get you signed up and then ghost you for the next several months. Just because they reach out to you quickly does not mean they will be quick to resolve your case. In fact, it would be best to pause and reflect on why they are so eager to sign you up, and inquire as to whether there is anyone you know who has been represented by them.

When searching for an attorney to represent you, take notice of their marketing tactics. You can learn a lot about the mission and values of a law firm from what they boast about. Do they focus on their claims of winning their clients millions of dollars or do they focus on the fact that they care about their clients? Also ask yourself what the most important thing is to you. Do you want an attorney who sees you as another paycheck or as a person?

Without dispute, the best kind of marketing for any attorney is word of mouth. Ask your friends and family who they recommend. Ask folks you know who have been in an accident and hired a lawyer. Who did they hire? Did they like the outcome? How were they treated? Use this information to determine if you would like to work with them and have them represent you.

Your professional relationship with your attorney can last a few months to a few years. You want to make sure you choose someone who you want to work with and who will put in the work on your case. You want to be able to trust this person as they will be offering counsel throughout the process and acting on your behalf. Find someone who is reputable, respectful, and reliable.

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