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Jackie Houser


Proud of my blue-collar background. My dad was enlisted in the United States Air Force for 20 years, and my mom worked factory and office jobs. I am so proud of the work ethic instilled in me by both of my parents. Though my father passed away many years ago, my 83-year-old mother still has part-time jobs, and I hope to be able to brag about the same thing when I’m as old as she is. Retirement is not in our family’s vocabulary.
My family couldn’t afford to send me to a university, so I attended community college where I received an excellent education and began working as a secretary in a law office. Later I returned to night school to complete my paralegal degree. This was long before “online” college courses, so the many nights I spent traveling to and from class and the years it took to complete that degree made me appreciate when it was finally complete. I later completed the voluntary national certification exam (CLA) for paralegals and passed the exam on the first attempt.
For a short time, I left the law office to fulfill another passion–teaching! I spent 13 years teaching paralegal students at my alma mater and, during this time, I realized that it was time to fulfill the ultimate dream of being a lawyer, which is what I had dreamed all along. Even as a little girl, when there weren’t many female lawyers, I wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to help people answer legal questions. I wanted to make their lives better. So I quit my job, sold my house, and put all my eggs in one basket.
Three years later I graduated from law school and passed the North Carolina State Bar. Eventually, I was also licensed to practice law in Virginia (but moved to associate status in 2023). Every day I get to live the dream of a little girl who wanted to know all about the law so that she could help folks like her parents and family. Every client is a constant reminder that this is my calling.
I enjoy working with my clients to reach the best resolution we can for their claims. Whether in court or the office, I try to remember to explain the law so that it can be understood by everyone. Never do I want to sound condescending or superior. While I know a lot about the law, my clients also have life and work experiences where I am ignorant. Can I diagnose why my car won’t start? Heck, no! Multiple examples like this remind me that being an attorney does not make me superior to anyone because we all have our talents and skills. Learning about my client’s special skills and talents is something I enjoy about this work.
One of my favorite pastimes in Wilmington is enjoying the numerous parks. You can find me and the dogs on a different trail almost every weekend. In the summer months, my favorite pastime is to enjoy a cup of iced coffee on the beach before all the vacationers are up. Since moving to Wilmington several years ago, I have enjoyed meeting other newcomers in Wanderlust Wilmington 2.0 (on Facebook). I also joined an excellent church (Life Church of Wilmington) where I attend and volunteer regularly. Both of these groups have ministered to my soul and introduced me to many new wonderful friends.

Fun Facts

I can wiggle my ears!
My childhood nickname was “String Bean” obviously because of my long, lanky frame. Today a more appropriate nickname would be Butter Bean.
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